Vladimir Chizhov

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Because I'm so great and experienced specialist and because I love to write words even more than code, my CV looks huge as a single-page document, so please click any section title to unfold the details you wish to know.

Or the full version is nifty-printable, if you need.

Employment history

Oracle, Senior Java EE developer. March 2013 — current date

Yota LLC (Federal LTE-operator), Senior Java EE developer. Nov 2012 — March 2013

LMA Inc., from Java developer to Software systems architect and dev-team lead. Feb 2004 — Nov 2012

Some projects

Warehouse process management system

LMA, 2011 — 2012

Logistics information system for fully robotized warehouse (capacity: 2M units). System manages complicated processes of units transferring over the conveyors.

My role: design engineer, tech leader. System was fully invented, designed and built (from scratch) under my direction (requirements analysis, design, code review, key modules development). System was put into operation in 2012.

Automatic registering and processing of traffic code violations

LMA, 2009 — 2011

My role: design engineer, tech leader. System was fully invented, designed and built (from scratch) under my direction (design, code review, certain modules development). System was put into operation in 2010.

Distributed integration platform

LMA, 2005 — 2007

Distributed platform for heterogeneous information systems integration in accordance with principles of a Service Oriented Architecture.

My role: tech leader. System was fully built (from scratch) under my technical direction and mostly developed by myself as a developer (active participation in design decisions making, most core modules development).

Quality of Experience Measurement Kit

Yota, 2012 — 2013

Client-side application to analyze and measure the quality of customer services, provided by a high-speed mobile internet (LTE) operator.

Some project details: application tries to emulate end-user activity of a mobile internet usage and to match the results (speed of internet-pages loading, video/audio streaming) with a specific model of expectations. It helps to adjust operator's network settings to provide better services with the lowest possible cost both to operator and customer. Project instantly became used in production, still being under heavy development.

My role: project started by me from scratch, I was the only person worked on it, responsible for features inventing and development.

Professional skills

Java EE deep knowledge:

  • EJB, JPA, JMS and even JCA and other Java EE— eight years of hands-on experience.
  • Most experienced with the following application servers: JBoss 4.x — 6.x, IBM WebSphere 7.x, WebLogic 12c.

Web UI isn't a thing I do on a daily basis, but I have enough experience with modern tools (last ones are Knockout and React) and approaches (flux, pub/sub, etc.) in this area and periodically I use my skills to help UI team or for the side-projects.

Deep knowledge and wide usage experience of XML-standards (to name a few: XML-Schema, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, WS-Addressing, XML-DSig, XSLT, XSL-FO) and related technologies and toolkits:

I prefer git for source control.

Linux deep knowledge (more than 10 years as the only desktop OS).

English: I work at Oracle, I just have to.

Other languages and frameworks:

  • JavaScript: deep knowledge of the core language and node.js platform.
  • Unix-shell ninja.
  • C: being used less often than I would like to.
  • Ruby/RoR: for some handy automation.
  • Erlang, Clojure: for brain-training from time to time.

More facts

Formally I have no master degree. I spent four and a half years at a Computer science faculty of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University. But I've neglected the education process in favour of interesting job at a company and stayed there for next 9 years.

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